Who’s racing IM Santa Rosa, IM70.3 Monterrey, or coming with us to ride Mt Lemmon this weekend?
*Wildflower Triathlon:*
*Long Course*- Paul Stevenson 8th Elite 4:20:47
Melissa Korth 8th div. 5:57:49
*Olympic*- Ryan Hardy 1st male 2:04:25
Allison Roos 3rd div. 2:40:03
Melissa Korth 6th div. 2:53:28
Melissa Kovacs 3:36:39
*Trail Run*- Melissa Kovacs 5th div. 1:58:13
*Ironman St George 70.3:*
Brian Folts MPRO 4:32:52
Allison Merlo 1st div. 4:49:46
Monica Folts FPRO 4:59:50
Dave Rizzi 5:09:04
Mandi Nilsen 9th div. 5:12:00
Ryan Eckert 5:12:10
Nathan Cruse 5:46:53
Joe Rink 5:55:40
George Gresham 6:19:12
Barret Powers 6:41:28
Karen Gresham 7:07:10
*AZ Open Water Tempe:*
MacKenzie LeBlanc 1st div. 1:04:31
Katie Rink 1st div 1:14:40
Sam Coppersmith 1st div. 1:44:12
*Whiskey Row:*
*Half Marathon*- Adam Folts 2nd o.a. 1:21:08
Kathy Zanath 3rd div. 2:31:13
Martha Baker 8th div. 2:43:46
Nancy Oster 2:43:46
Sue Casaway 2nd div. 2:47:57
*10k*- Elaine Wangercyn 3rd div. 59:31
Janelle Westfall-Weigel 2nd div. 1:01:19
Jessica Folts 7th div. 1:03:12
Terry Dykshorn 4th div. 1:07:05
Brooke Haymond Carroll 1:14:55
Tina Cox 1st div. 1:19:06
*Rocky Point Triathlon:*
*Sprint*- Aliesha Brard 3rd div. 1:49:38
Adrian Betti 8th div. 1″51″41
Jennifer Simone 2nd div. 1:59:56
Steven Tetreault 6th div. 2:12:21
Diane Bruchhauser 6th div. 2:21:44
*Relay*- Jen, Scott, Richard 1:41:04
*Olympic*- Kyndal Sorenson 1st o.a. 2:36:34
Rod Kinney 8th div. 3:18:14
Kyrsten Sinema 3rd div. 3:18:24
Abby Pfeiffer 2nd div. 3:29:48
*Relay*- Dana,Chris, Diane 3:12:07
*Upcoming Events* 5/12 Ironman Santa Rosa www.ironman.com 5/13 Ironman 70.3 Monterrey *Let’s Ride *Mt Lemmon *Saturday May 12th- contact me for details aluedecke@dmbclubs.com 5/13 Ironman Monterrey 70.3 www.ironman.com 5/20 *Big Brick Training Day at the Gainey Village*- Swim/Bike/Run prep for half iron distance races, contact me for info and to rsvp (no cost) 6/9-10th Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival www.deuceswildtriathlon.com​ 6/16 Scottsdale Beat the Heat Run scottsdalefahrenheitfestival.com/ 6/24 Lake Mary-Flagstaff <maps.google.com/?q=6/24+Lake+Mary-Flagstaff&entry=gmail&source=g> group ride contact me for details aluedecke@dmbclubs.com ***Current Outdoor Ride/Run/Village Clubs Master Swim Schedule* Mondays: 5:30am Group Run Gainey Village 5:30am Master Swim DC Ranch Village 5:30pm Master Swim Gainey Village Tuesdays: 5:30am TriScottsdale Group Ride Gainey Village 5:45am & 6pm Master Swim Camelback Village 6am Road Ride with Abby Camelback Village 5:30pm Master Swim DC Ranch Village Wednesdays: 5:30am Track Chaparral High School 5:30am Master Swim DC Ranch Village 12pm Master Swim Camelback Village 5:30pm Master Swim Gainey Village Thursdays: 5:30am TriScottsdale Ride Gainey Village 5:45am & 6pm Master Swim Camelback Village 6am Road Ride with Abby Gainey Village Fridays: 5:30am Group Hill Run *Starbucks at Indian Bend/Sct Rds 5:30am Master Swim DC Ranch Village 8:00am Master Swim Gainey Village Saturdays: 6:00am TriScottsdale Ride *Panera at Gainey Shops check TriScottsdale Facebook for summer time change possibly this week!! Sundays: 6:00am NWLB Ladies Ride *Panera at Gainey Shops, check NLWB Facebook page for ride time changes Please contact me with any questions about these outdoor group workouts.
Looking for a bike, check our inventory of used bikes for sale – road, tri, mnt, kids My husband sells used bikes for friends and for Airpark Bikes where he worked for 10+ years. **I’ll be updating this list in the next couple days www.rowshare.com/t/517095de6891421daf6266e1d585c503
It’s hot, get out early and stay hydrated! Have a great week, Abby
*Abby Luedecke* Triathlon Coordinator Village Health Clubs www.villageclubs.com <www.dmbclubs.com/> 480-612-5232 cell aluedecke@dmbclubs.com