Weekend Results + 2 Offers / Events

Hi All,
For those of us who missed all the fun in Rocky Point, here are the results along with the OWS.  
Also see the announcements below from RECESS ENDURANCE and MOXIE MULTISPORT.
See you all at CACTUS MAN this weekend!

Preston Miller


Rocky Point Tri and 5k
James Hollcroft 2nd o.a. 19:13
Katie Ellis 2nd female 21:35
Sprint Tri-
Suzanne O'Neal 2nd div. 1:09:10
Lindsay Rusk 3rd div. 1:09:17
Bryce Garner 9th div. 1;21:43
Dana Hollcroft 8th div. 1:27:15
Diane Bruchhauser 1:47:52
Melissa Korth 1st div. 2:29:23
Krista LaPan 2nd div. 2:35:36
Tini Stalzer 5th div. 2:48:08
Chris Stalzer 6th div. 2:48:35
Dana Kennedy 2nd div. 2:52:08
Lynae Floyd 2nd div. 2:57:24
Kyrsten Sinema 7th div. 3:03:14
Rebecca Green 5th div. 3:27:49
Lindsay Fleet 9th div. 3:27:49

Pat's Run-
Barb Wang 37:58

AZ Open Water-
1000M Wetsuit: Amy Monier 1st div. 23:08
                              Tara Helm 2nd div. 25:23
2000M Wetsuit: Adrienne LeBlanc 1st 31:48
                              Abby Luedecke 3rd 41:03
                              Melissa Kovacs 5th div. 43:58
                              Steve Rink 5th div. 44:29
                              Suzanne Ray 45:55
2000M Non Wetsuit: Grace Weigel 39:00
3000M Wetsuit: John Ballard 2nd 49:57
                              Sam Coppersmith 1:01:06
                              Lance Hutchinson 8th div. 1:04:36
                              Ralph Ray 11th div. 1:14:32
                              Tammy Colvin 5th div. 1:20:52
3000M Non Wetsuit: Stefan Cooley 2nd div. 38:19
                                       MacKenzie LeBlanc 3rd div. 42:01
                                       Katie Rink 9th div. 46:41

Allison Merlo has joined our coaching team at Recess Endurance Training and will be teaching every Thursday at 5:45AM Heated Performance Spin, starting next Thursday, May 4th.

I know she would LOVE to have some of her fellow teammates support her, and get a great sweaty workout in! 

May I ask if an email be sent notifying Tri Scottsdale, if they live in North Scottsdale, and are available to take her morning class, to come join us?!

All New Athletes get their first 3 Classes Free
*I will also extend an offer of 4 Spin Classes for $39 or 8 for $75 to Tri Scottsdale Athletes that come to her class. 



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Friday, Apr 20, 5:30am

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