TRISCOTTSDALE Weekend Tri Results/UpComing Events

Big weekend!  See results and upcoming events below, incl. an optional Tues Ride and Taylor House this weekend in Flagstaff. (Thanks, Abby :-)

Preston Miller

Mountain Man Triathlon
Sarabeth Ford 3rd div. 1:17:08
Abby Luedecke 3rd div. 1:22:16
Melissa Kovacs 3rd div. 1:30:41
Cathy Brown 3rd div. 1:31:19
Barb Wang 6th div. 1:47:53
Ryan Eckert 1st div. 1:11:44
Dan Knott  1:47:50
Allison Merlo 2nd o.a. 2:22:03
Melissa Korth 1st div. 2:36:04
Noriko Ueda 1st div. 2:57:32
Beth Brooks 2nd div. 3:14:09
Ryan Hardy 1st o.a. 2:03:12
John Ballard 1st div. 2:20:03
John Poisson 1st div. 2:20:31
Lance Hutchinson 2nd div. 2:22:01
Lowry Barfield 1st div. 2:29:47
Tosh Ueda 3rd div. 2:35:23
Walter Clarke 4th div. 2:37:29
Tim Westbrook 4th div. 2:47:25
Steve Greenspan 6th div. 2:53:58
Marc Brooks 4th div. 3:13:46
CJ Ketterer 4th div. 3:15:43

70.3 Muncie
Michelle Simmons 7th div.  5:12:18

Des Moines CAMTRI Sprint Cup
Nicole Truxes  11th o.a. 1:05:15

Pedro Gomes 3rd o.a. (time not available)

Upcoming Events:
Ride and Breakfast at the DC Ranch Village- Tuesday July 11th. Join us for a 25-30mi ride and breakfast. Group Ride 5:30am, meet in the parking lot near the front entrance. Breakfast to follow 7:30-9am  Members and Guests welcome, please rsvp by July 9th to

Taylor House Bike Ride in Flagstaff 7/15   *Who's riding?

Track and Breakfast at the Gainey Village- Wednesday July 26th. Join in on our regular wednesday Track workout (most likely still meeting to run on the canal 5:30am) then follow me over to the Gainey Village for coffee and breakfast. Members and guests welcome (need to get to work? Guests feel free to use our locker rooms/showers) RSVP by July 24th to 

End of Summer Open Water Swim Clinic/Practice with Coach Klas and Abby Saturday August 26th at Bartlett Lake 10am-12pm rsvp to 

Kids Tri Clinic and Race at the DC Ranch Village  Sat/Sun September 23/24th ... kids ages 5-10, email me for flyer/more info, volunteers needed. 

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Friday, Apr 20, 5:30am

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Tri Arizona (aka.,Sahuarita)
Saturday, Apr 28, 6:30am