TRISCOTTSDALE Happy Hour / T4C Results

Hi All,
Hope to see everyone at The Yard on Wednesday from 4-9 pm.  We'll have your World Champs T-shirt, some great raffle items, and 2015-16 kits at huge discounts.  Check the details at

We just can't thank everybody enough for all the great support and participation at Tri for the Cure AZ.  For those of you who competed, the results are listed below.  If I missed you, please let me know :-)

Preston Miller

Tri for the Cure:
1st o.a. Adrienne LeBlanc 43:37 
3rd o.a. Allison Merlo 44:49
4th o.a. Robin Watson 45:26
6th o.a. Janie White 46:12
8th o.a. Kyndal Sorenson 8th 46:50
9th o.a. Tammy Nicholson 47:40
10th o.a. Rochelle Arko 48:17
1st a.g.(o.a. ) Melissa Korth 49:01
Juda McGannon 52:00
2nd div. Lynae Floyd 52:19
1st div. Kathy Stanley 53:34
1st div. Shayna Weitzman 53:37
3rd div. Jan Lohman 53:38
2nd div. Suzanne Reinert 53:40
3rd div. Becky Cannon-Vejar 53:41
4th div. Dana Kennedy 54:37
2nd div. Suzanne O'Neal 54:48
3rd div. Stephanie Derby 55:26
Karen MacPhearson 56:11
1st div. Noriko Ueda 56:28
4th div. Tara Denzin 56:57
1st div. Donna Dempsey 57:25
3rd div. Beth Brooks 57:39
2nd div. Theresa Seaquist 58:32
2nd div. Lindsay Pike 58:50
6th div. Nadia Munoz 58:54
5th div. Cathy Brown 58:56
4th div. Kim Landry 1:00:24
5th div. Carolyn DiFonzo 1:00:31
6th div. Dawn Kinsley 1:00:34
6th div. Diane Bruchhauser 1:01:31
7th Tammy Colvin 1:01:37
1st div. Sue Casaway 1:02:36
7th div. Susan Fischer 1:02:49
9th div. Susan Mulligan 1:03:19
3rd div. Grace Weigel 1:05:27
9th div. Barb Wang 1:06:34
Dana Hollcroft 1:06:59
10th div. Michelle St Baker Childs 1:08:16
4th div. Ally Gugick 1:08:59
2nd div. Laura Lamberto-White 1:09:32
Robin Cutler 1:10:39
6th div. Marianne Mildenberger 1:12:26
Jenny Ho 1:13:07
Kim Farrell 1:18:26
Jodilyn Peck 1:18:54
Renee Defeo 1:28:06
4th div. Palmyre Zele 1:33:34
8th div. Deborah Gobbins 1:39:57
Elite Relay 42:28
Gage-Team BSC 1st 48:26
SlowPro 3rd 54:36
Generation 3 5th 1:04:27
1st o.a. Maria Chaira 47:38
1st div. Elaine Wangercyn 59:14
2nd div. Tonso Price-Edwards 1:02:13
1st div. Deb Nel 1:02:52
2nd div. Dee Grenko 1:08:30
2nd div. Terra Schaad 23:07
3rd div. Melissa Kovacs 23:22
1st div. Tracy Britton 25:13
1st div. Reese Brown 26:32
1st div. Colleen Olson 28:14
3rd div. Tami Romano 30:49
1st div. Kelsey Sease 30:49
1st o.a. Paul Stevenson 16:48
3rd o.a. Murray Macpherson 20:48
5th o.a. George Esahak-Gage 21:36
7th o.a. Jeremy Williams 23:14

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