Also Happy Hour! SATURDAY RIDE 6/9 Departing at Gainey – Panera Bread at NEW TIME 5:30 AM, Sonoran Desert, out-and-back. Regroup at Fry’s near I-17. Tri Scottsdale’s Happy Hour!! July 12th, Thursday 4-6pm. At Arcadia Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers: NW corner of 40th St. and Indian School. We will have our club shirts and hats/visors. We are looking forward to seeing everyone. There is indoor seating and a large patio outside covered with misters and lots of TV’s. We decided on the Arcadia location with it being their newest location. There is limited parking, valet is available, there is also parking available across the street. Address is 3950 E. Indian School Rd. #150, Phoenix, AZ 85018. Please RSVP to this e-mail or to the Facebook Group Event page. Also here is the happy hour menu…Happy Hour is from 3-6pm. Kit Update Kits are starting to arrive. Be expecting your delivery in the next week or so. Stay tuned for the next store opening. Be advised, once the store closes it can take up to 6 weeks to receive it. Stay tuned! WEEKEND RESULTS May 12 Bintan Sprint Triathlon Bintan Indonesia Andrew Inkpen 2nd Age Group June 5 Tridents Duathlon Shearwater Nova Scotia Canada Andrew Inkpen 2nd Age Group Naples Sprint Triathlon- Eric Montgomery 1:11:04 Kate Montgomery 1:26:10 Hawaii 70.3- Janie White 1st div. 5:27:09 Michelle Simmons 5:41:28 Theresa Seaquist 9th div. 6:26:38 Dwight Lundell 2nd div. 6:50:24 Victoria 70.3- Arko Rochelle 2nd div. 5:13:34 Sorenson Kyndal 8th div. 5:20:08 Weigel Chris 5:30:43 Cannon Rebecca 9th div. 5:40:34 Wangercyn John / Elaine RELAY 5:50:07 Luedecke Ryan 6:08:01 Brard Aliesha & Gyan RELAY 6:14:29 Luedecke Abby 6:21:23 Brown Cathy 5th div. 6:31:47 Westfall Janelle 6:42:03 Brooks Beth 6:49:13 Hatfield Eileen 6:50:19 Zaccaria-Nelson Jackie 6:51:20 Coppersmith Sam 6:51:55 ​ Kennedy Dana 6:57:39 Dykshorn Terry 7:03:11 Catalano Christina 7:06:21 Brooks Marc 7:08:28 Team Wonder Twins 7:19:38 Katie Black 7:3:26 Wang Barb 7:29:49 Krupa Susan 7:56:27 Miller Preston 8:14:36 Upcoming Events: 6/9-10th Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival​ 6/10 IM Boulder​ 6/16 Scottsdale Beat the Heat Run 6/24 Lake Mary-Flagstaff group ride contact me for details 7/15 Mountain Man Sprint/Olympic Tri 7/21 Taylor House Ride Flagstaff​ 8/19 Mountain Man Olympic/Half Distance Tri Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! Thanks for racing with us! Sincerely, Tiffany Milliman and Preston Miller Tri Scottsdale See what’s happening on our social sites ‌ ‌ ‌ Tri Scottsdale | 5112 N 40th St. #204, Phoenix, AZ 85018 Unsubscribe Update Profile | About our service provider Sent by in collaboration with Try it free today