Housekeeping Items for 2018- Tri Scottsdale!

Housekeeping items for ALL Tri Scottsdale Members:

Wondering how you can help our team be even better?! Here are the links to the two accounts we need for you to sign up for to support the team this year!

1. Roka is one of our biggest sponsors and we are one of their largest Tri groups, and we need you to set up your account with them to ensure we remain in good graces with them as a club and continue to get a great discount. This is important whether you use the discounts or not. I have listed the info below, please follow the steps and let us know if you have any questions.

2. Also we really need for you to login to your official account and update any info that isn't correct and make sure you have already chosen Tri Scottsdale as your Tri Club. This is how we earn points as a club and is crucial to our standings throughout the year. Please take 10 minutes to do both of these things today. To give you an example: we have around 500 members and have less than 200 that have added us to their account. Please let us know if you have any questions:

We appreciate ALL of you and are looking forward to another amazing year!


Discount codes are a thing of the past, and all Tri Scottsdale athletes must activate their account to receive their 30%-off pricing. They'll want to set this up so they can jump on our brand new 2018 models if they haven't already sold out!

Here's how to activate:
1. Create an account at
3. Enter team handle and passcode. For Tri Scottsdale, these are:
o Team handle: TriScottsdale (not case sensitive)
o Team passcode: 6265

That's it! You just have to do this once, and your team pricing pricing will appear in your shopping cart at checkout any time you're logged in.
And for extra motivation, we're running a clearance special for ROKA Teams for 50% off all 2017 Maverick Wetsuits, Viper Swimskins, SIM Shorts, and Gen I Tri Race Apparel. Sizes are limited, but if we still have your size you can get a great deal.
Thanks for racing with us!!


Tiffany Milliman and Preston Miller
Tri Scottsdale

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Founded in 2006 by local triathletes Preston Miller, Lewis Elliot and Marc Rubin, Tri-Scottsdale is a non-profit organization and triathlon club, dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their potential, from beginners to elite to professional triathletes, through daily workouts, beginner clinics, and athlete mentoring. Our annual Tri for the Cure AZ brings all members together to support a great cause, having raised over $300,000.00 for cancer research.

Friday, Apr 20, 5:30am

Saturday, Apr 21, 5:30am

Monday, Apr 23, 5:30am

Tuesday, Apr 24, 5:30am

Wednesday, Apr 25, 5:30am

Tri Arizona (aka.,Sahuarita)
Saturday, Apr 28, 6:30am