You don’t want to miss this. Happy 4th of July Saturday’s Ride: It’s gonna be a HOT one! We are teaming up with ONE Multisport as they have invited our club to their support ride. Departing 5:30AM from Panera at at Gainey Ranch. Rio Verde Loop and pass the “ONE Multisport Aid Station” near the bottom of 9 mile hill. More info here: “ONE will host an aid station stocked with drinks, snacks and cold treats at the bottom of 9 mile. Get on your bike and ride and have a blast with ONE!” Race Results: San Diego International Tri- Nicole Welling 1st o.a. 1:42:53 Dylan Delacruz 4th div. 1:43:26 Paul Beckert 3rd div. 1:52:17 Tim Westbrook 2:03:48 Anita Carcone 2:16:37 Sprint- Renee DeFeo 6th div. 2:08:32 Project DM Extreme Triathlon- 2.4mi swim 126mi bike(9000’ elev.) 34.8 mi run/hike 1st Dirk Ross 2nd Alec Tripp 3rd Ryan Eckert IMCDA 70.3- Brian Folts 4:30:11 Monica Folts 5:02:14 David Rizzi 5:22:46 Krista Lapan 5:35:02 Lindsay Rusk 6:06:21 Mary Jorden 7:12:44 Mont-Tremblant 70.3- Rick Jaime 4:56:46 Roka Demo/Happy Hour: Save the date July 18th! More details to come. Tentative plan is to use Gainey Village pool starting as masters ends at 6:30 pm. TriScottsdale, Village member triathletes, and guests are all welcome. Can try on suits and swim for as long as needed, and we’ll have Happy Hour sponsored by Roka at the same time. Stay tuned for more info. Sponsor Discount Codes: EAS DISCOUNT Code: 20TRICLUBEAS LINK TO PURCHASE: ROKA DISCOUNT: Here’s how to activate: 1. Create an account at . 2. Click “ACTIVATE ROKA TEAM ACCOUNT.” 3. Enter team handle and passcode. For Tri Scottsdale, these are: o Team handle: TriScottsdale (not case sensitive) o Team passcode: 6265 Tiffany Milliman and Preston Miller| Tri Scottsdale | Email | Website ‌ ‌ ‌ Tri Scottsdale | 5112 N 40th St. #204, Phoenix, AZ 85018 Unsubscribe Update Profile | About our service provider Sent by in collaboration with Try it free today