Fwd: Weekend Results

Results compiled by Abby Luedecke.  Thank you, Abby!

See "Jingle Bell Tri" at the bottom.
Special shout out to Angie Anderson who competed in her first MTB race, "Dawn to Dusk" on Saturday!

Preston Miller


​Wow what a weekend, lots of racers especially for the NWLB/Fresh Hair Team at the Scottsdale Half Marathon and 5k. (I apologize for missing anyone! Let me know what and when you're racing to be included in my results emails)
Jingle Bell Tri details below! (12/24)

Tucson Marathon:
Scott Britton 3:59:28
Half Marathon:
Terra Schaad 5th div. 1:44:13
Rob Chavarry 1:44:20

Anthem Triathlon:
Adam Folts 2nd o.a. 59:30
Zak Valteau3rd o.a. 1:02:10
Steve Rink 1st div. 1:06:59
Walter Clarke 3rd div. 1:08:56
Joe Rink 3rd div. 1:12:04
Todd Singer 2nd div. 1:12:05
Shannon Brousseau 4th div. 1:28:52

Scottsdale 5k:
Todd Witten 1st div. 19:07
Brent Martin 3rd div 19:59
Steve Rink 2nd div. 20:33
Abby Luedecke 3rd div. 22:17
Chris Weigel 6th div. 22:53
Julie Bailey 4th div. 23:14
Tiffany Milliman 3rd div. 23:37
June Herion 4th div. 23:38
Tracy Britton 3rd div. 25:20
Mary Laibe 10th div. 25:39
Angela Fairchild 26:50
Christina Catalano 5th div. 27:17
Carol Jean Kennedy 2nd div. 29:19
Martha Baker 1st div. 30:10
Janelle Westfall 30:26
Robin Grenko 10th div. 30:54
Dee Grenko 10th div. 33:10
Tammy Colvin 33:11
Preston Miller 3rd div. 33;49
Eldon Dykshorn 4th div. 34:44
Lisa Lenstrohm 43:26
Chris Szabo 55:48
Scottsdale Half Marathon:
Ryan Hardy 2nd o.a. 1:13:56
Dylan Delacruz 3rd o.a. 1:23:54
Stephen Stromberg 1st div. 1:25:26
Kyndal Sorenson 1st div. 1:29:58
Trey Chappell 4th div. 1:30:41
Lance Hutchinson 8th div. 1:34:48
Walter Clarke 5th div. 1:36:20
Heather Hermann 6th div. 1:42:30
Robin Klosterman 3rd div. 1:42:51
Steve Greenspan 1:42:57
Krista LaPan 8th div. 1:43:17
Brittany Olson 7th div. 1:43:29
Joe Rink 1:44:06
Lowry  Barfield 5th div. 1:44:42
Zoe Bellinghausen 1:46:29
Lindsay Rusk 1:47:53
David Ketley 1:48:14
Rochelle Arko 8th div. 1:48:15
Kara Tustin 1:49:29
Julie Poisson 4th div. 1:50:02
Jeff Kootman 1:51:05
Jen Lange 1:54:50
Shayna Weitzman 1:55:23
Maria Chaira 1:55:24
Shawn Treglia 1:55:28
Paul Swenson 6th div. 1:56:47
Michelle Heintz 1:58:44
Linda Davey 2:00:21
Karen Gresham 2:01:22
Abby Pfeiffer 2:03:19
Kerri Tenenbaum 2:04:03
Rob Chavarry 2:04:50
Shauna Keller 2:05:01
Kyrsten Sinema 2:05:03
Terra Schaad 2:05:12
Denise Carol 3rd div. 2:05:20
Kristina Hallberg 2:06:42
Mary Jorden 2:09:06
Elaine Wangercyn 5th div. 2:09:19
Chris Driggs-Campbell 2:10:10
Shannon McKeon 2:12:13
Barb Wang 2:12:48
Cindy Prince 2:14:28
Kathy Zanath 6th div. 2:14:55
Colleen Olson 2:16:16
Aleisha Brard 2:16:17
Beth Brooks 2:18:52
Jan Lohman 2:18:59
Dana Kennedy 2:18:59
Nancy Oster 2:19:38
Susan Krupa 1st div. 2:23:30
Marc Brooks 2:24:05
Sam Coppersmith 2:25:28
Maria Warner 2:26:10
Sue Casaway 3rd div. 2:29:16
Lisa Ginn 2:32:57
Laura Lamberto-White 4th div. 2:33:30
Marianne Mildenberger 2:39:11
Brooke Carroll 2:47:09
Val neumann 2:49:13
Deborah Gobins 3:34:48

Coming Up :

Annual Jingle Bell Triathlon at the Gainey Village 12/24 at 9am
Join us for a fun, casual sprint triathlon with holiday spirit!  400yd heated pool swim, 10mi bike (cruiser bikes 5mi), and 5krun. Kids ages 10+welcome, relays welcome.
Sign up to race or volunteer with me by 12/22 aluedecke@dmbclubs.com $10/pp

Have a great week, hope to see you out running or riding!

Abby Luedecke
Triathlon Coordinator
Village Health Clubs
480-612-5232 cell

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