You don’t want to miss this. Saturday’s Ride: This week is Sonoran Desert. Out and back. 5:30am from Panera- Gainey. Also on Sunday, there is Project DM going on with a few of our athletes including Paul Stevenson, our Pro Triathlete on the team, and this will be his first long distance race ever! Boy what a race he chose too. 🙂 Go out and support them, and ask how you can help. There is also a group ride going out to flagstaff this Sunday. Details below… might be a nice weekend to get out of the heat! Project DM: Click here! Project DM is an extreme triathlon that was inspired by my interest in the world famous extreme triathlon, the Norseman. In October of 2014, I entered the lottery hoping to get a spot. When my name was not drawn, I was bummed, but I did not give up in my desire to do an extreme long course triathlon in 2015. I then had the crazy idea to create my own version of the Norseman in my home state of Arizona, located in the Southwestern corner of the United States. I looked at many possible routes for a point to point course that I thought would meet the qualifications of being ‘Extreme” and I think I succeeded. Project DM is my vision for a race that I think will physically and mentally challenge even the best athletes. I hope you will agree. The course is very scenic as it passes though the different climates zones in the vast state of Arizona. The race starts at Roosevelt Lake with an Elevation of 2100 ft. and after 17,000 ft of ascent over 155 miles, finishes at Humphrey’s Peak (the highest point in Arizona) at 12,633 ft. The second and most important vision for Project DM is to help others in the process. For 2018 participants are required to secure their entry with a minimum of a $200 donation to one or more of the official Project DM charities. Please help me fulfill this important vision in helping others in need! Flagstaff ride link and details: Click Here! Join us in the cooler weather for a loop around Lake Mary/Mormon Lake Sunday June 24th. Meet in Flagstaff at the corner of Lone Tree and JW Powell (small parking lot) 8am ready to ride. The full loop passing Lake Mary and Mormon Lake is 56 mi from this spot, you can always cut it shorter. Good rest stop is the Mormon Lake Lodge/Store about halfway through the ride. We’ll grab lunch before heading back down to the heat. Gals and Guys welcome. **Stay tuned- might be an organized group hike on Saturday for anyone interested in making it an awesome weekend up in Flag! Thanks for racing with us! Sincerely, Tiffany Milliman and Preston Miller Tri Scottsdale Website See what’s happening on our social sites ‌ ‌ ‌ Tri Scottsdale | 5112 N 40th St. #204, Phoenix, AZ 85018 Unsubscribe Update Profile | About our service provider Sent by in collaboration with Try it free today