Tri Scottsdale is a 501(c)3 non-profit triathlon club which is run by its membership in accordance with club bylaws. Annual dues are set by the Board annually, required for membership, and provide (in addition to significant sponsorship and other fundraising activities) a portion of the funding required to execute on the club’s various activities. Our only job is to work for you, the sport of triathlon, and the community at large, and we wholeheartedly believe we have and will continue to provide a substantial return on investment for less than the price of a pair of running shoes…If you ever have questions or concerns about this, contact the President or any one of the board members personally at

Membership is required for:
  • voting upon the composition Board of Directors and other club matters
  • participation in the many club events and club benefits (such as coached swims and partner discounts for rostered members)
  • general liability insurance at club sanctioned events
  • leadership consideration (ie board of directors, leading club activities, elite/ambassador team)
  • continued access to our Facebook Members-Only page
  • continued access to our Tri Scottsdale Team-App
  • invitations/guests to our year-end gala/award/Annual General Meeting
  • receipt of Members-Only emails
  • discounts on club kit and gear

The annual dues to join the club for 2020 are just $75. You can click HERE to apply for club membership and accept the waiver. Applications are reviewed/accepted monthly and followed by a request for annual dues.

The dues are not prorated for partial years, nor are they refundable unless your membership application is rejected. Membership is only granted upon payment of the fee, acceptance of our waiver, and notiification that you have been accepted as a member for the current calendar year.  Membership can be rejected for any reason at the discretion of the Board. Waivers are only available for financial hardship or other special considerations (ie youth programs) and only by request to the club president at