Track, er . . . Canal Workouts Are Back

Thu, 06/08/2017 - 13:45 - run, speed, track

What a surprise arriving at Chaparral today to find the track closed until August. Thanks, Lewis and Abby, for the tough canal segments.

Since the track was closed for resurfacing, we jogged to the canal for some killer intervals. The "fast" group ran 4x(1k easy, 1k hard). The "other" group ran 4x(800 yd easy, 800 yd hard). Great fun, mixing it up!

We tried several options for track, but could not get permission from any school or park to hold our workouts. Please contact Preston ( is you have any pull with a track facility. So, temporarily we will meet at the Coffee Bean (Scottsdale & Doubletree) at 5:30 am, warm up with a 3/4 mile job west on Doubletree, and run intervals on the canal. We'll mark 1/4 mile increments, so the workout can vary from 400's, 800's, and mile repeats. SEE YOU THERE!!!

If you are looking for a group run we still have our Friday Starbuck's Hill Run you should check out.

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