On the Road - Gainey Ride 2017

Here's a video on the road with the Tri-Scottsdale Gainey ride on what will prove to be the hottest day the Valley of the Sun has had in about 20 years when it tops out around 120 degrees today. Everyone beat the heat and hit the road about 530am, when it was only 86 degrees.

Track, er . . . Canal Workouts Are Back

What a surprise arriving at Chaparral today to find the track closed until August. Thanks, Lewis and Abby, for the tough canal segments.

Since the track was closed for resurfacing, we jogged to the canal for some killer intervals. The "fast" group ran 4x(1k easy, 1k hard). The "other"... more

Lake Pleasant Triathlon
Saturday, Sep 9, 6:30am
70.3 World Championship
Saturday, Sep 9, 7:00am
Lifetime Tempe
Sunday, Sep 17, 6:30am
70.3 Superfrog
Sunday, Sep 24, 7:00am
Ironman World Championship
Saturday, Oct 14, 7:00am
70.3 Tempe
Sunday, Oct 22, 6:30am

Founded in 2006 by local triathletes Preston Miller, Lewis Elliot and Marc Rubin, Tri-Scottsdale is a non-profit organization and triathlon club, dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their potential, from beginners to elite to professional triathletes, through daily workouts, beginner clinics, and athlete mentoring. Our annual Tri for the Cure AZ brings all members together to support a great cause, having raised over $300,000.00 for cancer research.

Wednesday, Aug 23, 5:30am

Thursday, Aug 24, 5:30am

Friday, Aug 25, 5:30am

Saturday, Aug 26, 5:30am

Monday, Aug 28, 5:30am

Lake Pleasant Triathlon
Saturday, Sep 9, 6:30am