Founded in 2006 by local triathletes Preston Miller and Elliot Lewis, Tri-Scottsdale is a non-profit organization and triathlon club, dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their potential, from beginners to elite to professional triathletes, through daily workouts, beginner clinics, and athlete mentoring. Our annual Tri for the Cure AZ brings all members together to support a great cause, having raised over $300,000.00 for cancer research.

Triathlon News

The Benefits of Static Stretching Before and After Exercise

There are many different types of stretching, and through the years, many have fallen in and out of fashion with experts. Karl Reicken, Coordinator of Performance Testing at the National Training Center, explains the latest research on static...

The Check-In: Championship Frenzy in Frankfurt
Germany set to host European championship, select 2017 events open for registration, Women For Tri makes big gains, race previews and recaps, and more from the world of IRONMAN....

Too Big to Fail

Tri-Scottsdale proved to be too big to fail when it had over 120 participants at the Tempe International Triathlon, winning its 8th straight State Team Triathlon Championship.

Tri-Scottsdale Wins IM TriClub Award in Texas

After winning 1st Place a couple of weekends ago at the California 70.3, this past weekend Tri-Scottsdale won the Ironman TriClub Award for Division II teams at the Texas 70.3.

Tri-Scottsdale Wins IM TriClub Award in California

This past weekend Tri-Scottsdale won the Ironman TriClub Award for Division II teams at the California 70.3.

When your husband finds out about Triathlon

Dealing with someone new to triathlon is not an easy task. In fact, triathletes are very complex people and dealing with one demands a high level of patience, tolerance and sacrifice itself.

Using HRV to Guide Your Training

There has been a ton of new methods to determine one’s recovery from training phase to training phase, from week to week and from day to day.

Age-Group Wins for TS in Monterrey

This past weekend a small but strong group of Tri-Scottsdale athletes traveled to Monterrey, Mexico to participate in the 70.3 Monterrey.

The Two Best Ways to Build Endurance as Fast as Possible

Sometime try to count the amount of books, podcasts, blogs and tv shows about the best way to become fit and build endurance. Your head will spin . . . then you will become very, very confused.


Weekly Updates

TRISCOTTSDALE Saturday Ride 7/2
Hi All, This Saturday is the annual One Multisport aid station at the bottom of 9 mile hill, so our ride will depart Panera Bread at 5:30 am, heading east via Doubletree, Via Linda, Mountain View and Shea to the top of the hill, then left on Palisades, left on Fountain Hills Blvd, continuing through Rio Verde.  Just before the left turn on 9 mile hill, the One aid station will be on your...

Upcoming Events

Long/Aerobic Ride
Saturday, Jul 2, 2016 - 5:30am

Canal & Greenbelt Run
Monday, Jul 4, 2016 - 5:00am

Gainey Ride
Tuesday, Jul 5, 2016 - 5:30am

Track Workout
Wednesday, Jul 6, 2016 - 5:30am

Hidden Hills Ride
Thursday, Jul 7, 2016 - 5:30am

Next Race

Mountain Man Sprint
Flagstaff, AZ
Jul 10, 2016